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Classic car servicing

Keep your vehicle in fine working order

Because most components of classic vehicles are mechanical, rather than hydraulic, they need to be regularly maintained or components can become damp leading to, for example, bores becoming corroded and pitted. Our mechanical engineers handle all manner of servicing tasks from suspension, rear axle and gearbox overhauls, to electrical re-wires – ensuring your enjoyment of the road ahead.

Classic car servicing

Routine servicing

Service One

Our basic service includes the inspection of all safety aspects of the vehicle, engine oil check, roadworthy check and the serviceability of components. Perfect for post-sales.

Service Two

As Service One, plus a more intense inspection in all areas, further fluid levels are checked and more specific adjustments carried out. A detailed list will be supplied.

Service Three

All the elements of Services One & Two, plus oil changes, spring leave lubrication, remove all brake drums and hubs, brake inspection, hub bearings are cleaned and re-packed with grease and a final test.

Classic Car Servicing


Suspension overhaul

We’ll test and repair of the one-shot system, replacing Derby springs using a new pack of springs back to factory settings. Leather gaiters can be made for any vehicle. We’ll also remove, test and overhaul the shock absorbers.


Front axle includes king-pins, brake and brake rope components, suspension parts and one-shot in areaAnd the rear axle: especially Derby Bentley’s rear axles and high ratio differentials. New hubs, drivers and half shafts are available.

Electrical Servicing

Our specialists handle all types of complex electrical re-wires from testing and repair of individual areas to a complete overhaul of electrical components and full re-wires.

Fuel system Overhaul

Our engineers will flush the system through and overhaul the fuel tap and carburettors, chemically clean the fuel tank and seals. Plus they’ll overhaul the Autovac. If necessary, we can manufacture a new tank for Derby Bentleys.


This includes asbestos removal, replace brake drums or skim the original brake drums. Brake linings are cut to suit brake drums. We’ll overhaul brake ropes, brake equaliser shaft and brake servo – and replace brake operating shafts if needed.

Gearbox Overhaul

Our mechanical engineers are specialists at removing and overhauling Rolls-Royce and Bentley gearboxes but also extend their skills to other marques. Once everything is accessible, it’s advisable to do a ride control pump overhaul and test, brake servo overhaul and test, and a clutch overhaul.

350 point

Our specialists can undertake a full mechanical survey of over 350 checks. Customers can also choose a bespoke survey where they choose specific areas of the vehicle for a survey check, for example the brake system or front axle.

Bespoke Inspections

A customer can provide a list of particular areas they would like our engineers to inspect. The technician will carry out a thorough inspection and give a report about any problems and the estimated repair costs.

Classic car servicing

Reasons to have your
car serviced regularly

Reason one

Ensure your car is safe and roadworthy

In the days of MOT tests for pre-war cars they were a great way of ensuring that a car was safe to be on the road. Now that pre-1960s cars do not require an MOT it is possible for faults to go undetected. By servicing your car regularly you can be confident that your car is safe and roadworthy.

Reason two

Ensure your car is running smoothly

It is quite possible to drive a car when not at its best and be unaware, even if it is roadworthy. Servicing includes engine adjustments and checks to ensure a car is performing at its optimum, resulting in a better driving experience.

Reason three

To check for signs of deterioration

Deterioration can occur so slowly that it is easy to miss. Regular servicing can highlight early signs so they can be dealt with before they become a serious problem.

Reason four

Less miles doesn't mean less servicing

It can be a misconception that low annual mileage equals a need for less servicing and that fewer miles means less wear on components. However, little or lack of use can be just as damaging, with one-shot systems draining, lubricants deteriorating, fuel systems issues due to the properties of modern petrol, and tyres perishing or suffering from standing in one spot.