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Modern Classics Restorations

Modern Classic Restorations

Classics of any age

From a Ferrari California or Testarossa to a Honda S2000 or a Morgan 44 – we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of all types of modern classic cars. We’re able to undertake the full suite of restoration projects for clients whether it’s a full engine or gearbox rebuild, mechanical upgrades, hand-crafted carpentry, panel craft, paintwork or parts supply and manufacture – we have all the specialisms under one-roof and if it’s a performance upgrade that’s required we will carry that out in our sister company Fiennes Performance.

Mechanic for classic cars
Modern Classic Restorations

Everything you need in one place

Highly Specialised

Panel craft

Our panel craft specialists are renowned for their handcrafted re-creation of bodywork for some of the rarest older marques and will apply this same attention to detail and craftsmanship to modern classics.

Master Craftsmanship


Our world-class carpentry and woodcraft knowledge handles projects as complex as a full car frame rebuild, and then is just as easily applied to the woodwork and trim of a modern classic. 



The colour of a car is an inherent part of its heritage and personality, so it’s vital to any restoration. Our specialist paintshop craftsmen are experienced in returning a car back to its original colour or finishing to a new colour of the owner’s choosing. 


Mechanical Engineering

From complex bottom-up restorations to gearbox rebuilds, our world-class mechanical engineers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any project. Whatever classic vehicle you own we have the skills to help. 

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