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Jaguar – The History & Mystery
of Mark Numbers

The Jaguar Mk2 makes frequent appearances in surveys of Britain’s favourite classics, largely thanks to a certain fictional TV detective from Oxford with a passion for opera and real ale, but try to fit it into the history of Jaguar’s system of assigning mark numbers to its vehicles and things can get a little confusing. […]

The Jaguar E-Type

In any poll of the greatest or most beautiful cars ever made, three vehicles almost invariably make it to the very top – the Aston Martin DB5, the Ferrari Daytona, and Jaguar’s E-Type (or XK-E, if you’re American). Jaguar introduced the E-Type in 1961, so 2021 is its 60th anniversary year, and it remained in […]

Fiennes Classics:
A Little More About Who We Are…

As our founder, Will Fiennes, explains it: ‘Working out how to rebuild a car that’s up to 100 years old is something of an automotive detective job. Mechanically, we know what it should be and have a large number of drawings we can work from, but should that fail, we have decades of experience across […]

Rolls-Royce: A Brief History, Part Two

In Part One of this article we looked at the early days of Rolls-Royce, from founding through to the 1920s. The marque had earned a reputation for very high build quality and reliability, and in 1931, concealing itself behind the name British Central Equitable Trust, it acquired the sports car maker Bentley. Bentley had enjoyed […]

Rolls-Royce: A Brief History, Part One

The history of the Rolls-Royce car manufacturing company is a complicated one. Today, the multiple buy-outs, subtle renamings and divisions that the marque has undergone since its founding in 1906 has resulted in the current Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited’s having very little connection with the original company. Today’s company dates from 2003 and is owned […]

Driving Your Classic – Our Thoughts on Great Driving Roads in Europe…

For many of our customers here at Fiennes Classics, nothing beats starting out in a classic car on a route that seems made for the driver. Elsewhere on the website we have looked at some of the best routes on offer in the UK, but for the adventurous classic motorist who wants to go a […]

Driving your Classic – our thoughts on great UK driving roads…

At Fiennes Classics we believe that a classic car deserves to be driven – good for the car and good for the owner. So here are a few of our tips for great driving roads for your pride and joy, some close to our workshops, some farther afield. The Cotswolds (Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire). We may […]

The Spirit of Ecstasy – a brief history

The Spirit of Ecstasy needs no introduction. An iconic symbol of class, elegance and  remarkable craftsmanship in the automobile world. But where did this striking mascot originate? When the first Rolls-Royce was unveiled at the Paris Salon in December 1904, they didn’t have a mascot on the radiator but instead had the Rolls-Royce emblem. But […]

The Creation of a Coachbuilder –
Meet Our Team

In the early days of automotive engineering, every pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley chassis that left these famous manufacturers’ mechanical workshops were sent to one of several specialist coachbuilders for a body to be made that was individually hand crafted, with bespoke features for the commissioning customer. Over the years, the technical information relating to the […]