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Classic Car Ownership

At your service

We’re proud to sustain the heritage of classic automobiles and engines through renowned craftsmanship, restoration and engineering skills. With services ranging from specialists servicing and maintenance to making vehicle assessments – we’re here to support you.

But we’re just as proud to enrich your ownership experience. And with decades in the classic car business, we’ve amassed a great deal of knowledge regarding classic car club details, events, meetups, ownership tips and so much more which we’ll share here.

Support for the road ahead


If left unchecked, small issues can quickly become big problems so servicing and maintenance is a vital step in the general health and upkeep of any classic car.

Vehicle Checks

With a comprehensive range of vehicle checks available from post-sale check to pre-tour checks, we’re here to check your car’s health and fix any problems we find.


With over four decades of expertise, we have a wealth of hints and tips to enrich your understanding of owning, running and maintaining a classic car.


We’re proud to be members of the RREC, JEC, RROC and Bentley Drivers Club. Here you can find their details should you also wish to join them.